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Susan Harris
Susan Harris
Appeared in Daredevil
Status Alive
Actor Tonya Glanz
"Hell's Kitchen is on the rebound Mr. Nelson and in 18 months you won't be able to rent a broom closet at this price point."
―Susan Harris[src]

Susan Harris was a real estate agent for Midtown Property Solutions.



"Into the Ring"

Susan Harris showed Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock the empty offices of Van Lunt Real Estate when they were looking for an office to set up their law practice. She was embarrassed as she didn't realise Matt was blind, discovering so after telling Foggy he'd have to flip a coin for the room with a view. She proceeded to guide Matt around the office explaining it was barely touched by the "incident" and that it was a quarter of the price that it was before. Matt told her that they would take it.

Character traits

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Behind the scenes

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"Into the Ring"

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