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Strategic Scientific Reserve
Members Howard Stark
Peggy Carter
Chester Phillips
Abraham Erskine
Steve Rogers/Captain America
John Flynn
Daniel Sousa
Jack Thompson
Roger Dooley
Appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger
Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter
Agent Carter
Actors Dominic Cooper
Hayley Atwell
Tommy Lee Jones
Stanley Tucci
Chris Evans
Bradley Whitford
Enver Gjokaj
Chad Michael Murray
Shea Whigham

Strategic Scientific Reserve is top secret government agency that was founded by Chester Phillips.


Captain America: First Vengeance

The Strategic Scientific Reserve was formed in 1940 on the orders of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Though the United States weren't directly involved in World War II at the time. The S.S.R. was formed of greatest minds of the Allied nations who assembled to battle the Nazis in occupied Europe. The commanding officer of the S.S.R. was Colonel Chester Phillips. The same year when the SSR was formed, he persuaded the young American industrialist Howard Stark to join the agency, after the group of assassins sent by HYDRA, Hitler's special weapons division, tried to kill them both. Shortly after, they organized the rescue of Abraham Erskine from Castle Kaufmann where he was being held by Johann Schmidt, the commanding officer of HYDRA. Phillips sent one of his best agents, Peggy Carter, to secure Erskine's release.

Captain America: The First Avenger

The S.S.R. goal is to create an army of super soldiers that could defeat anything the Axis powers had on the battlefield. This led to the Operation: Rebirth based on the work of their newest acquisition, Erskine transform Steve Rogers into the first super soldier. After Erskine is killed by Heinz Kruger. Soon after, the top priority mission of the S.S.R. was to take down HYDRA. With Steve as the only super-soldier, he was used as a propaganda tool.

In 1943, several members of the S.S.R. were in Italy. When Steve discovered that his friend James Barnes had been captured by HYDRA, he flew behind enemy lines and led a successful escape of prisoners from the HYDRA factory. Shortly after their break-out, Steve form a special elite unit led by himself, called the Howling Commandos. In 1945, the efforts of the S.S.R. were successful. HYDRA was destroyed, and the Axis powers defeated.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


In 1945, the Strategic Scientific Reserve captured the last remaining HYDRA outpost as it was being evacuated. They took the lead HYDRA agent, Daniel Whitehall, into custody, as well as the dangerous items stored there, including the Obelisk. Before sending them off to Stark for testing, Agent Peggy Carter suggested the creation of a peacetime organization to keep such technology contained and to keep an eye on those who would use them.

Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter

The S.S.R. continued for a short time after the war, taking on cases such as the Zodiac, but was disbanded in 1946 and its former membership absorbed into a new agency, S.H.I.E.L.D.

Agent Carter

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