Stepford Cuckoos
Frost sisters
Alias(es) Three-In-One
Frost Sisters
Appeared in X-Men: The Last Stand
The Gifted
Status Alive
Actor Skyler Samuels
Esme Frost, Sophie Frost and Phoebe Frost are triplet mutants also known as The Stepford Cuckoos.


X-Men: The Last Stand

The Stepford Cuckoos are three students at Charles Xavier's institute. They never part one from the other.

The Gifted

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Character traits

Individually, the Cuckoo sisters have some level of telepathy, which grows exponentially when the three of them are together.



  • Canon (1 film)

Behind the scenes

  • Three identical blond girls were shown in the background in an Institute Scene in X-Men: The Last Stand. Writer Zak Penn confirmed in a chat that these were indeed the Stepford Cuckoos.


  • In the comics, the Three-In-One are artificial daughters of Emma Frost, and show the same powers of their "mother".
  • This Stepford Cuckoos have appeared twice within the X-Men Cinematic Universe. The first was a cameo, the second they appeared was as central characters in The Gifted television series.