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Spider Raymond
Spider Raymond
Appeared in Agent Carter
Status Deceased
Actor Andre Royo

Spider Raymond was the owner of La Martinique and a fence for stolen goods.


Agent Carter

"Now is Not the End"

Peggy Carter went to Spider Raymond's night club, La Martinique. Raymond was about to fence one of Howard Stark's stolen inventions, Nitramene. Peggy knew that Raymond liked blondes so infiltrated La Martinique in a low cut ball gown and blonde wig and pretended to have something to sell to him. She applied "sweet dreams" lipstick before she entered his office. She asked about buying the Nitramene formula from him, flirting and sitting in his lap. Raymond kissed her and passed out. When Raymond woke up his safe was open and the Nitramene had been taken. Sasha Demidov walked in and saw that the weapon was gone and shot Raymond dead.

Character traits

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Behind the scenes

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Agent Carter

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