Spider-Man Unlimited: Worlds Apart
Director: Unknown
Writer(s): Unknown
Release Date: October 2, 1999
Running Time: 40 mins
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Spider-Man Unlimited: Worlds Apart is a TV Movie in the Spider-Man Unlimited series that serves as the season 1 premiere episode.


When Spider-Man spots his two main enemies, Venom and Carnage, hijacking on John Jameson's spaceship on a trip to the mysterious planet, Counter-Earth, he fails to stop them and the two symbiote villains go with Jameson to Counter-Earth, where the ship crashes and Jameson presumably dies. The public then blames Spider-Man for Jameson's seeming death. Spider-Man fakes his own death and lies low for half a year until he gets a new nano-tech costume from Reed Richards and gets another ride to Counter-Earth.

Spider-Man reaches his destination on Counter-Earth and finds out that John Jameson survived the crash. He has become a member of a rebellion fighting against the forces of the High Evolutionary, a figurehead who hates humans and creates animal-mutant hybrids called the Beastials. Spider-Man then joins the group and moves in with a single mother, Dr. Naoko Yamada-Jones, and her son, Shane Jones.


  • Rino Romano as Peter Parker/Spider-Man
  • Brian Drummond as Eddie Brock/Venom
  • Michael Donavan as Cletus Kasady/Carnage
  • John Payne as John Jameson
  • Richard Newman as High Evoloutionary