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Spider-Man 3.1 DVD (Version 1)

Spider-Man 3.1 is an 2011 director's cut of 2007's Spider-Man 3. It features seventeen minutes of additional footage and new special features. The DVD was released on April 18, and included a sneak peak at Spider-Man 4.

Deleted/Extended Scenes


  • Peter vs. Harry Fight
  • Crane Rescue
  • Armored Car Fight
  • The Black Suit
  • Discovering the Black Suit
  • Black Suited Spider-Man Destroys Eddie's Camera
  • Subway Fight
  • Venom in the Mirror
  • Peter Swings to Harry's House
  • Mansion Fight
  • Brock's Trash
  • Jazz Club
  • Eddie's Redemption
  • Peter's Redemption
  • Birth of Venom
  • Spider-Man & New Goblin vs. Venom & Sandman Final Fight
  • Spider-Man vs. Venom Final Fight
  • Sad Ending
  • Harry's Funeral
  • Possible Final Swing

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