Spider-Man: The Hobgoblin
Director: Bob Richardson
Writer(s): Larry Brody
John Semper
Release Date: May 20, 1995
Running Time: 40 mins
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Spider-Man: The Hobgoblin is a two-part episode TV movie from the first series of the 1990s animated series Spider-Man.


Norman Osborn hires the Hobgoblin to assassinate Wilson Fisk, also known as the Kingpin, because of the crime lord's continuous threats against him. Peter Parker saves Fisk just as the Hobgoblin attempts an attack on him. After eluding Spider-Man, the goblin is fired by Norman as of his unsuccessful assassination on the Kingpin. The Kingpin, upon discovering Norman's attempt on his life, respectively hires the goblin to attack him. Meanwhile, Peter manages to convince his Aunt May to stop worrying about him after he moves in with Norman's son Harry. In order to torment Norman, Hobgoblin kidnaps Harry and delivers him to the Kingpin, as well as rendering Aunt May unconscious. Upon Fisk's refusal to pay him, Hobgoblin resigns. Norman, upon discovering this, reassigns the Hobgoblin, after realizing there is no alternative if the Kingpin is to be defeated. After he is eluded by Spider-Man once again, the Hobgoblin causes Oscorp to explode.

Hobgoblin defeats the Kingpin and declares himself the new Kingpin of Crime. Fisk, having managed to escape the goblin, asks Norman Osborn to assist him in reclaiming his position. Norman manages to persuade Spider-Man to help them by claiming that he needs to rescue his son, Harry, who remains held captive at Crime Central by the Hobgoblin. Once they confront the goblin, Spider-Man defeats the goblin with vengeance for his aunt having been rendered unconscious, and Harry's kidnap. Following the Hobgoblin's defeat, Peter is relieved upon discovering Aunt May has made a full recovery.