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Spider-Man: The Dragon's Challenge

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Spider-Man: The Dragon's Challenge
Spider-Man - The Dragon's Challenge
Director: Don McDougall
Release Date: 1979
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Spider-Man: The Dragon's Challenge is a TV movie from 1979.


The final episode (a 2-hour special) has an old college friend of Mr. Jameson fleeing China (where he is the Minister of Industrial Development) to live with his Chinese-American daughter because the Chinese government has falsely charged him with being a spy during World War II. While Peter Parker tries to prove the man's innocence he must contend with a henchmen of a British-Hong Kong businessman who will do anything to get a new Minster of Industrial Development that will ensure that his firm gets a lucrative business contract with China. The two-part series finale has plenty of action, a new female love interest (played by Rosalind Chao), extensive footage of Hong Kong and even exposition on its history and traditional religious beliefs.


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