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Spider-Man: Spider Wars
Director: Unknown
Writer(s): Unknown
Release Date: January 31, 1998
Running Time: 40 mins
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Spider-Man: Spider Wars is a TV Movie in the 90's Spider-Man series from season 5 as a series finale.


Really, Really Hate Clones

Spider-Man is taken to a dystopia where New York has been demolished by the combined forces of the Hobgoblin and the Green Goblin, led by Spider-Carnage. The Beyonder tells Spider-Man he is to lead a group of Spider-Men from different dimensions to stop Spider-Carnage from opening up an inter-dimensional hole and causing an explosion that will destroy all realities and dimensions.

Farewell, Spider-Man

The Spider-Men stop Spider-Carnage in his home dimension, but he escapes to another dimension, the one where Spider-Man is a billionaire. With limited power Madame Web sends the original Spider-Man to this dimension, where he finds himself engaged to Gwen Staci, and finds Mary Jane Watson alive! After being betrayed by Fisk, Spider-Man is captured by Spider-Carnage who attempts to impersonate Spider-Man. Gwen realizes the truth and rescues Spider-Man, who fights Spider-Carnage but loses, with Spider-Carnage taking Gwen hostage. Choosing to think instead of fight, Spider-Man finds Uncle Ben who is alive in this world, and convinces Spider-Carnage to stop. After a quick trip to visit Stan Lee, Madame Web then tells Spider-Man she is ready to take him to where Mary Jane is.


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