Appeared in Blade: Trinity
Status Deceased
Actor Natasha Lyonne

Sommerfield was a member of the Nightstalkers.


Blade: Trinity

Sommerfield is, together with Hedges, one of Hannibal King's cell's researchers. She created the Daystar, a virus capable of tracking and destroying all the people possessing a specific kind of DNA. Sommerfield programmed the virus to kill the vampires' DNA, but she needs a pure champion to make it effective on every existing vampire, as she expalins during the team's briefing with Blade. Drake as the first vampire, Sommerfield states that it's necessary to inject him with the virus, so that every vampire will be killed by the plague started with the injection.

Later, when Blade and Abigail Whistler are out on hunt and the base is protected only by Dex and an injured Hannibal King, Drake assault the base. Sommerfield is reached by the vampire, but only manages to hide her daughter before Drake attacks her, playing with her blindness and scaring her to death, before torturing and killing her. Sommerfield's body is later found by Abigail, who cries and mourns over her.

Character traits

Sommerfield was a brilliant geneticist and chemist, and her blindess doesn't stop her from being one of the Nightstalkers' best researchers ever. She was very close to her teammates, especially to Abigail Whistler. She's got a daughter, Zoe, who's living with her and the rest of the team.



Behind the scenes

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