Snooty Usher
Alias(es) Usher at theatre
Appeared in Spider-Man 2
Status Alive
Actor Bruce Campbell

The Snooty Usher was an usher who worked at a theatre.


Spider-Man 2Edit

The Snooty Usher stopped Peter Parker from seeing Mary Jane perform. As Parker walks to the door the usher points at Peter's shoes saying shoelaces, so Peter ties them. He stands up and the Usher says you might want to so he pretends he's straightening a tie so Peter straightens his tie and responds with - that's better. He thens asks how he can help him and Parker says he's going to a play but the usher tells him that doors close after everyone is seated and notes that it helps maintain the illusion. So Peter walks away.




  • Bruce Campbell had three cameos in the Spider-Man Raimi Series. He portrayed a Ring Announcer in Spider-Man, a Snooty Usher in Spider-Man 2, and a Maître d’ in Spider-Man 3.
  • When The Usher talked about illusions many fans speculated that Campbell was actually classic Spider-Man villain "Mysterio" and he was just observing Peter the whole time throughout the trilogy.

Behind the scenesEdit

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