Appeared in Men in Black II
Status Deceased
Actor Lara Flynn Boyle
"Silly little planet. Anyone could take over the place with the right set of mammary glands."

Serleena is an evil, shapeshifting Kylothian queen who disguises as a female human.


Men in Black II

She is a shapeshifter alien, coming from planet Jorn at Kyloth System, who came to Earth to steal the Light of Zartha. Traveling through space, she was contacted by Scrad so she decides landing at New York.

Slipping through the gardens the creature finds a magazine showing some Victoria's Secret model Lara Flynn Boyle in lingerie pics. Pleased with the image she transforms into an exact copy of her and at the end of it, a thief attacks her with a knife and licking her neck in an intent to rape her. Laughing evilly, she proceeds to grab him by the neck and eats him alive. She starts to digest him while walking to the magazine and wiping her teeth. Serleena impatiently waits for the thief in her stomach to finish digesting while looking at the magazine. She finds to her dismay that the original woman does not have a huge belly. She returns to the spot where she ate her meal. She pukes out his clothes and leaves. Then gets dressed in an alley.

She then goes to the Scrad's department to find him watching TV and eating junk food. Without him knowing she's Serleena, Scrad gets impressed by her beauty. They talk about finding the light and agree to look for information at a near pizzaria while she eats a greasy hamburger.

Serleena kills an alien who might know the where-abouts of the Light. She then storms MIB headquarters. When Kay and Jay discover the Light is actually Laura Vasquez, a worker at the pizzeria and daughter of Zarthan Queen Laurana.

After Jay stops the countdown of a machine that would launch Laura into space, he shoots Serleena. She regenerates and steals a futuristic spaceship-like vehicle to chase after the trio of Jay, Laura, and Kay. Then Serleena is tricked into being eaten along with her spaceship. She is destroyed by Jay and Kay after showing her true form; that of a huge viney plant.




Behind the scenes


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