Appeared in Thor
Status Deceased
Actor Darren Kendrick
"Run back home little princess."

Sentry was a Frost Giant.



Sentry was one of Laufey's soldiers, a guard to his palace. When the Asgardians, led by Thor, arrive to Jotunheim, he mocks the Thunder God, only to provoke him to start battle, Thor responds by using Mjölnir to send Sentry flying into a wall of the ice fortress.

Character traits

Sentry was a brutal and violent Frost Giant, eager to fight.

He possesses, as all his kind, superhuman strength, speed, reflexes and stamina, and is able to freeze with a mere touch anyone who's not a Frost Giant.



Behind the scenes

  • Kendrick went through five hours of makeup a day in order to look like a Frost Giant.


  • It is unclear if "Sentry" is just the title of this Frost Giant or his actual name, since in Marvel Universe exist at least four characters named Sentry.



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