Appeared in Blade II
Status Deceased
Actor Norman Reedus

Scud was a vampire hunter and a member of the bloodpack who was replaced in absence of Abraham Whistler by Blade.


Blade II

Scud was recruited by Blade as technician in the absence of Whistler. Blade saved Scud from being killed by two vampires. Scud helps in the attack on the Reapers but is attacked in the van and barely survives thanks to the UV lamps. Blade, Scud and Whistler are captured by the Damaskinos's men after the reapers are wiped out, and it is revealed the vampires merely wished to dispose of the dangerous "failures" the reapers were and afterwards use Blade to make a new race of vampires immune to sunlight.

Reinhardt, Blood Pack leader, has an explosive device made by Scud that Blade amusingly stuck to the back of his head earlier in the film, as insurance against the inevitable betrayal. Blade attempts to detonate it but it doesn't go off. Scud then begins to laugh, and says it was never supposed to explode. It was merely a dud.

Reinhart removes the explosive and tosses it to Scud, who then reveals to Blade that he's one of Damaskinos's familiars who had been spying on Blade from the start. He then goes into a rant that gives Blade a moment to recover. When Scud finally finishes, Blade has two things to say to him...

"One, I've been on to you ever since they turned you. And two... it's not a dud!" Blade explains, brandishing a second remote that does detonate the bomb and promptly activating it. Scud barely has a chance to respond before his bomb explodes, spraying his entrails all over the room.




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