Appeared in Elektra
Status Alive
Actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

Roshi is the leader of The Hand and father of Kirigi.



Master Roshi is Kirigi's father and the undiscussed leader of The Hand, an ancient group of assassins who ruled over Feudal Japan's criminals and has even nowadays a great influence. Roshi is the one who ordered Kirigi to kill Nikolas Natchios' wife in order to convince him to join The Hand.

When some of The Hand ninjas fail to kidnap Abby Miller, thanks to the interference from Elektra Natchios, a major council is reunited inside The Hand in order to decide who's worthy the mission to hunt and kill the Millers and their protector, Elektra. Despite many clans claim to want the assignment, Roshi permits his own son, Kirigi, and his team of mutants, to engage it. It is unknown what Roshi's moves have been after Kirigi's failure.

Character traits

Master Roshi is a strong and charismatic leader, able to make himself obeyed by many powerful ninja families. Although he never shows his abilities, he's supposed to be a master in martial arts.



Behind the scenes

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  • It is uncertain if Roshi is his actual name, since in Japanese "Roshi" simply means "Master".