Rosalie Octavius
Rosalie Octavius
Alias(es) Rosie
Appeared in Spider-Man 2
Status Deceased
Actor Donna Murphy

Rosalie Octavius was the wife of Otto Octavius.


Spider-Man 2

Rosalie Octavius was a doctor who helped her husband Otto Octavius in his science project. She has a talk with Peter Parker about having a girlfriend. He responds no, and her husband says you should know. She thinks maybe it's a secret love. She later asks her husband to have a soundly sleep. During the day of the presentation, the project goes wrong and sucks up everything in the room. Not knowing what to do, she stands in the corner, terrified. The glass of the doors break, and they travel straight in the path of Rosie who screams. She is killed as a result of the disaster. Sometime after this point, her husband mourns her death.


Behind the scenes

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  • Raimi series (1 film)


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Spider-Man 2

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