Ronny Drake
Appeared in X2: X-Men United
Status Alive
Actor James Kirk

Ronny Drake is Bobby Drake's brother.


X2: X-Men United

Ronny and his parents came home to find a man in their house. Bobby, Ronny's brother, stepped in front of the stranger and introduced him as Professor Logan. Everyone regrouped in the living room and his mother asked Bobby if he'd tried not being a mutant. They thought Bobby was going to a gifted school. Bobby froze his mother's cup but Ronny was jealous and upset by his brother's abilities, so went upstairs to phone the police telling them that him and his parents were being held hostage by mutants. The police arrived and aimed their guns at the house as Ronny watched. Bobby realised it was Ronny who called the police. After Logan is shot, Pyro used his fire to fight the police and blow up their cars. When the fighting ended, the X-Jet arrived to collect the four mutants. Bobby looked back at the window, where his family stood, to take one last look at them. He turned away and left with the other mutants. It is unknown what happened to Ronny or his parents after this point.




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