Ron Selmour

Ron Selmour

Ron Selmour portrayed Dex in Blade: Trinity.

Significant roles

  • Ernie Shiffer in Millenium (1998)
  • Bart Conklin in The Crow: Stairway to Heaven (1999)
  • Vincent Marx in The Da Vinci's Inquest (1999-2002)
  • Vic in A Good Burn (2000)
  • Shotgun in Bones (2001)
  • Dwayne in Liberty Stands Still (2002)
  • Doc in A Guy Thing (2003)
  • Darryl in My Boss's Daughter (2003)
  • Slam Guard in The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)
  • Firecracker Man in Kingdom Hospital (2004)
  • Seabourne in Battlestar Galactica (2004)
  • Belle Reeve Attendant, Connelly and Marcos in Smallville (2004-2008)
  • Reggie in After Tomorrow (2005)
  • Hollis Kell in Under the Sycamore Tree (2006)
  • Ranja in Comeback Season (2006)
  • General Hallette in In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (2007)
  • Guillaume in Iinvisible (2007)
  • Jannick in Stargate: Atlantis (2008)
  • Kanaan in Sanctuary (2010)


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