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Remy LeBeau
Gambit (X-Men Evolution) 4
Alias(es) Gambit
Remy Etienne LeBeau
The Ragin' Cajun
Appeared in X-Men Evolution: Day of Reckoning
X-Men Evolution: Dark Horizons
X-Men Evolution: Ascension
Status Alive
Actor Alessandro Juliani

Remy LeBeau, also known as Gambit, is a mutant who possesses the ability to charge matter with explosive bio-kinetic energy. Playing cards are his weapon of choice.


X-Men Evolution: Day of Reckoning

Gambit was approached by Magneto to join the Acolytes along with Colossus, Sabretooth, and Pyro.

When he first battled the X-Men, Rogue tried to sneak up on him but he was prepared with a charged card. However, she did appear smitten with him.

X-Men Evolution: Dark Horizons

When Rogue, under Mesmero's control, attacked the Acolytes Gambit held off the best but eventually fell when she kissed him.

X-Men Evolution: Ascension

After the Acolytes, Brotherhood of Mutants, and X-Men defeated Apocalypse and his Horseman of Apocalypse, Charles Xavier saw a vision of Gambit as an X-Man.

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