Randall Mackenzie
Alias(es) Mack
Appeared in Ghost Rider
Status Deceased
Actor Donal Logue
Randall "Mack" Mackenzie was Johnny Blaze's best friend and manager.


Ghost Rider

Mack was Johnny Blaze's friend and manager, he helps the stuntman in organizing his shows and accompanies him in his tournes. When Johnny wants to do jump in a football stadium over some trucks, Mack tries to convince his friend that it's too dangerous, and is relieved when he's told that Johnny has changed his mind and that there'll be no truck in the show. Mack's relieving last short, when he sees that the trucks have been substituted with war choppers. While Johnny performs the jump, Mack, worried, has no courage of looking at him, but screams enthusiastically when he manages to do it, finding another disappointment immediately after when Johnny flees following his once beloved Roxanne Simpson.

On the Blaze team camper, Mack asks his friend why he seems to seek death in all of his stunts, anaware of the contract Johnny has with the demon Mephistopheles. Blaze mysteriously replies that he wants to know if he's actually his own self doing all the stunts, and the conversation was over.

Later, when Johnny has been arrested, Mack goes to his apartment searching for whatever has provoked the changing in his friend. He's found by Roxanne looking on Johnny's books of black magic and mysticism. The two of them are then attacked by the demon Blackheart, who, wanting to kidnap Roxanne, kills Mack injecting his body with sulfur.

Character traits

Mack was a good man and a loyal friend. He, as manager, doesn't just see Johnny Blaze as a client, but as a real friend, and often gets worried about his mental status. Despite the more dangerous the stunts are the more famous his client becomes, Mack often tries to convince Johnny to try less dangerous shows, since he really worries for his friend.



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Behind the scenes

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