Appeared in Blade
Status Deceased
Actor Donal Logue

Quinn was the member of the Turnedbloods race and an enemy of Blade.



Character traits

Quinn is an eccentric, wild, happy-go-lucky guy with no worries. He works beside Deacon almost as his right hand man, but they act as if they've known each other for a while. He's one of the few chosen, if not that only to be on Deacon's good side. Quinn is nearly almost always smiling, yelling, or laughing. He finds optimism in any situation, even if he's constantly getting his arm cut off.



The only known relationship that Quinn had was that with Deacon Frost. They've been rumored to have had a romantic fling ages ago in the 19th century. They've followed each other throughout the years and have never left each other's sides. Quinn is very faithful to Deacon Frost and would do anything for the man he cares for.

Behind the scenes

  • Durning filming, Logue reinjured his jaw in the scene where he is struggling with N'Bushe Wright in the hospital. He had originally broken his jaw in a motorcycle accident years before.


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