Quentin Glass
Quentin Glass
Appeared in The Punisher
Status Deceased
Actor Will Patton

Quentin Glass is the right hand man to Howard Saint.


The Punisher

Quentin Glass was the right hand man of Howard Saint, and helps to bribe Jimmy Weeks (Who is furthered blackmailed by the Toro Brothers) into giving up Castle's identity. Quentin is also one of the participants that head to Puerto Rico to assassinate Frank Castle and his family. Through Mickey Duka's spying, it's revealed that Quentin is secretly gay and Mickey takes photographs of him kissing another male in an alley in order to help out Castle's revenge. Castle manipulates Howard into believing Livia Saint and Quentin are having an affair, with Howard oblivious to the fact of his close friend's homosexuality. Quentin comes home to find his furniture moved and Howard throws a knife at the ground, urging Quentin to pick it up. Quentin doesn't since he is confused and Howard does it, and stabs Quentin and fatally wounds him.



Behind the scenes

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