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Director: David Slade
Expected Release: March 10, 2015
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Powers is an television pilot produced by Playstation Network and Sony Pictures Television based on the comic published by Image Comics (2000-2004) and later Marvel Comics under the Icon imprint.


In a world in which superpowered individuals known as "Powers" are a reality, the city of Los Angeles has a special department known as the Powers Division which polices superpowered criminals. Christian Walker, a Power known as "Diamond" has lost his powers and becomes a detective in the Powers Division. Following a routine arrest, a Power breaks free from his cell and kills Walker's partner. After the mess from the jailbreak is cleaned up, Walker is assigned a new partner, Deena Pilgrim. Walker's former life leading up to the loss of his powers is revealed as he reunites with his old friend "Big Bad" Wolfe who had been caught and incarcerated by Walker after becoming a criminal.


Production History

Originally pitched as a feature film in 2001, Sony made a deal with Image Comics to produce a feature film based on the comic book. Plans for the film fell through after the publishing rights were given to Icon. In 2010, Charles H. Eglee entered discussions with FX and Sony Pictures Television about executive producing and writing for Powers. Brian Michael Bendis later confirmed that Eglee will be "helping [to] get Powers on the air in a big, big way".[1] In June 2011, it was announced that filming would start in a few weeks. Filming started in early June 2011 and ended in early August 2011. On March 19, 2014, it was announced that Powers would become the first original television series on the PlayStation Network, to stream exclusively on PlayStation consoles and will air in December 2014.[2][3]



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