Piotr Rasputin
Colossus (Wolverine and the X-Men)
Alias(es) Colossus
Appeared in Wolverine and the X-Men: Hindsight
Wolverine and the X-Men: Foresight
Status Alive
Actor Phil Morris
Piotr Rasputin, also known as Colossus, is a mutant with the ability to turn his body into an unknown form of metal which grants him incredible levels of physical strength and durability.



Colossus joined the X-Men. Colossus trained with Shadowcat and Nightcrawler when Wolverine messed the three up and left them hanging once they were captured by him. Once Jean Grey blew up the Xavier Mansion, Colossus left the X-Men. He returned to Russia to be with his family. When Wolverine reformed the team, Colossus turned down the offer because he did not want to leave his family again.

Character traits

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Powers and Abilities


  • Mutant Physiology/Organic Metal Transformation: Colossus is able to turn his skin into an unknown metal, so gaining superhuman strength and invulnerability.
    • Superhuman Strength: When he is in his metal form, Colossus has enormous strength, the fullest extent of which is unknown.
    • Invulnerability: Colossus is completely bullet-proof and invulnerable to most, if not all types of weapons while in his metal form.


  • Water: When he is in his metal form; Colossus becomes too heavy to swim in water.
  • Magnetism: When he is in his metal form; Colossus is vulnerable to being subdued or manipulated by enemies using magnetic powers.


  • X-Man uniform: Piotr wears a protective suit, when he is out on the field in battle.


Appearances/Voice Actors

  • TV Movie (2 films)

Behind the scenes

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  • Colossus was supposed to return for season two before it was cancelled.


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