Phoenix Force
Phoenix Force XMA
Alias(es) Phoenix
Appeared in X2: X-Men United
X-Men: The Last Stand
X-Men: Apocalypse
X-Men: Dark Phoenix
Status Deceased (Original Timeline)
Alive (New Timeline)
Actor Famke Janssen
Haley Ramm
Sophie Turner
The Phoenix Force is a powerful energy that possessed Jean Grey.


When a teenage Jean Grey is found by Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, she has unlimited access to her power, able to levitate all the cars on her block without even trying. Charles senses a dark presence in her mind and puts psychic blocks to prevent her from fully unlocking her powers.

Original Timeline

X2: X-Men United

Jean in her mid-thirties, begins to have dark premonitions and begins to lose control of her abilities. At a school field trip to the museum, Jean becomes overwhelmed by all the voices she's hearing telepathically and she begins to affect the electronics in the building. Scott Summers embraces her, telling her he's been seeing a change in her lately ever since the X-Men fought Magneto. She tells him she feels like something bad is going to happen very soon.

When the X-Jet is being attacked by military jets, the Phoenix Force briefly takes over her and detonates a missile. Days later at Alkali Lake, Jean is fighting a mind controlled Cyclops he's blasting her with his optic beams and Jean blocks it with her telekinesis. Cyclops begins to overpower her until a dark force awakens in her and she unleashes a massive telekinetic force that knocks Cyclops away, but also ricochets his energy blast creating cracks in the dam.

The X-Men are escaping Alkali Lake and enter the Blackbird, but the dam bursts threatening all their lives. Jean sacrifices herself to save them. The Phoenix Force awakens in her, giving her enough power to hold back a massive wave of water, giving the Storm enough time to fly the jet to safety. The wave then collapses on Jean, but she's wrapped in a protective cocoon of telekinetic energy. The kind and good part of Jean is buried in her mind and the Dark Phoenix part takes hold.

X-Men: The Last Stand

Scott, still heartbroken by Jean's death, returns to the Alkali Lake, where he starts to hear her voice in his mind. Shaken by this, he releases a blast of energy in the water, breaking the cocoon. It forms a vortex in the water which explodes. The Lake is dried out and Jean appears out of light. Unknown to Scott, it is not Jean but the Phoenix, awakened after too long. It contains his mutation so she can see his eyes and the two kiss before she kills him.

In the wake of his death, Professor Xavier send both Storm and Wolverine to find him in the Alkali Lake, where they find nothing but his glasses and a sleeping Jean. They bring her to the School, where Charles explains them about the nature of Jean's mutation and the Phoenix, which is now free as the psychic barriers he built are broken. Eventually, the Phoenix awakes and tries to have sex with Wolverine, who notes this behavior to be not Jean's and tries to calm her down. Jean starts to lose control over her powers before Logan states that she is not well and the Professor can help her, angering the Phoenix, who throws him away, destroys the room and leaves the Mansion.

Both Magneto and Professor Xavier get into her old home in order to meet with her and try to recruit her to their sides. Professor believes the Phoenix must be contained before it finally takes over Jean, but Magneto wishes to use her as a weapon in his purpose. The three meet and the Professor tries to imprison the Phoenix again, enraging her. The Phoenix immobilizes them both and, in hatred, telekinetically destroys the house and makes everything and everyone inside it's area to float several feet above the ground while a battle between the Brotherhood against Storm and Wolverine happens. Losing all control, the Phoenix destroys the Professor in a sub-atomical level and breaks the house. Confused by everything, she goes on with Magneto.

He tries to lure her into using her powers to help the Brotherhood destroy the Cure, but the Phoenix threatens to cure him. Wolverine tries to find Jean and reason with her but Magneto does not allow this. Later, she is present with the Brotherhood when they invade Alcatraz, but she does nothing at all, not moving a single finger to help the Brotherhood in the battle against the soldiers, and is seemingly bored with the entire event.

Eventually, Magneto is cured by the efforts of Wolverine and Beast. Logan tries to reason with her and almost gets her to return by their side when the soldiers attack, enraging the Phoenix. She disintegrates the bullets and the soldiers, and starts to do a rampage. Her limitless powers destroy the entire island, mass-murdering soldiers and mutants alike by destroying their bodies, and completely devastating the island to the point even the water around the island started to be destroyed. Logan approaches her, seeing the Phoenix delighted with the destruction she is causing. She asks if he would die for them, and he answers he would die for her. Jean speaks one last time, begging for him to save her, and Logan kills her, killing the Dark Phoenix and ending the rampage.

New Timeline

X-Men: Apocalypse

In her late teens, Jean began to have dark and uncontrollable flashes of power and she was sent to Charles Xavier's school. She worked with Charles and Hank McCoy, but she soon gained a bad reputation and many students began to fear and avoid her because of her uncontrollable powers.

After Apocalypse's awakening, Jean started to have visions of an incoming destruction and slaughter, which were leaving her afraid, and, with this, scaring the other students. Charles tries to calm her down, but to little avail.

During the last battle against Apocalypse, despite everybody's best efforts, they are all defeated by Apocalypse whose powers are seemingly limitless. Professor Xavier tries to fight Apocalypse in the Astral Plane but his efforts are useless as Apocalypse also defeats him. With the world seemingly fated to fall before him once again, Charles calls for Jean and begs her to unleash her powers and "let go".

Jean, initially distraught into fully releasing her powers, eventually remains as the last hope of defeating Apocalypse, so she ultimately let go and releases the Phoenix Force. The Phoenix, now free, envelops her as a massive aura of fire in the shape of a bird. The Phoenix destroys the Astral Plane, making short work of Apocalypse there, and proceeds to attack him in the real world. She destroys his armor, allowing the others to gain the upper-hand against him. Now powerless but still regenerating, Apocalypse is delighted to see the Phoenix, and states that "all is revealed" before the Phoenix transforms him into dust. Jean successfully returns to her normal self, seemingly without any stain of the Dark Phoenix in her.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

In 1992 while attempting to save a space shuttle the X-Jet was hit by a solar flare. The stress it puts on Jean unleashes the Phoenix within her.



  • Famke Jensen researched multiple personality disorders to properly portray the Dark Phoenix.

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