Phil Blumburtt
Alias(es) Phil
Appeared in Howard the Duck
Actor Tim Robbins

Philip "Phil" Blumburtt is a lab assistant and a friend of Howard T. Duck.


Howard the Duck

Phil Blumburtt is a janitor and friend of Beverly Switzler. When she meets Howard T. Duck, she contacts him for sending him back to his homeworld, Phil being the only scientist (or similar) she knows. Anyway, when Howard finds out that Phil is just a lab assistant, in charge of cleaning the lab, he refuses his help and leaves. Phil, anyway, doesn't surrender, and contacts Dr. Walter Jenning, a scientist from the research center he works in. Phil finds out that it was because of a Jenning's experiment that Howard came to Earth, and that he knows how to send him back; he finds Howard and tells him everything, finally gaining his trust.

The experiment, anyway, goes wrong, and the lab is heavily damaged by the arrival of the Dark Overlord of the Universe, who possesses tha body of Jenning. When the police arrives, Jenning, Howard and Beverly flee, leaving Phil behind with the cops, who arrests him. Phil is taken in custody in a police car, where he's freed by Howard, in search for help because of the Dark Overlord's kidnapping of Beverly. The two go on a rescue flying on a ultralight aircraft and breaks in the lab. While Phil is beaten by the possessed Jenning, Howard shoots him with an experimental neutron disintegrator, thus freeing Jenning from the alien, but releasing the Overlord in his true, monstrous form. Phil aids Howard in the sucessive fight, managing to destroy the alien and to destroy the machine, preventing the invasion.

When Howard becomes Beverly's manager, he hires Phil as an employee in her tour.

Character traits

Phil Blumburtt is an ambitious lab assistant, with no courage for realizing his ambitions. He's a loyal friend and companion, and he's even capable of acts of courage for his friends, even if it's quite rare.


Behind the scenes

  • Even if he didn't appear in many films yet, Tim Robbins was the only actor taken by Huyck and Katz without testing, since they were sure he was right for the part.


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