Peter Parker
Ultimate Spider Man Render
Alias(es) Spider-Man
Appeared in Ultimate Spider-Man: Great Power/Great Responsibility
Ultimate Spider-Man: Finale
Actor Drake Bell

Peter Benjamin Parker, also known the superhero Spider-Man, who has amazing powers to fight crime to save New York city. He sometimes teams up with other superheroes like Iron Fist and Power Man to fight crime. Peter's mentor is Nick Fury the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. who is training him to be the "Ultimate Spider-Man". Peter is a high school student who attends Midtown High School with his best friends Harry Osborn and Mary Jane.


Great Power/Great Responsibility

Peter as Spider-Man fights and defeats a villain called Trapster but also causes damage to the city doing so. Nick Fury approaches Peter and tells him to be more careful since he damaged the city and he also offers for him to join S.H.I.E.L.D. so he could train him to be the "Ultimate Spider-Man". Spider-Man turns down the offer and swings away.

The next day, Peter is eating lunch in the cafeteria of Midtown High School when a group of villains called the Frightful Four (though there was only three of them and one of them was missing. It was the Trapster). Who say that Spider-Man attends the school and demand to know where he is. Peter distracts the villains by starting a food fight so he can change into his Spider-Man costume. Peter as Spider-Man then battles the three villains and defeats them but Harry Osborn was injured by one of the villains. Norman Osborn comes to the school after hearing his son was hurt, Peter blames this on himself and says "Sorry, its all my fault" but Norman doesn't understand how it could be Peter's fault as he doesn't know Peter is Spider-Man. Harry recovers from his injuries and later attends school with Peter again.


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