Oscorp Tower
Oscorp Tower
Location Manhattan, New York City
Appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man
The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Oscorp Tower is high-rise building complex which is located in Manhattan, New York City, that is owned by Norman Osborn.


The Amazing Spider-Man

The Oscorp tower first grabbed Peter Parker's attention when he discovered that his father had worked there. Peter found his way inside the entrance in the hope of meeting hid dad's lab partner Curt Connors. Peter went in posing as Rodrigo Guevaras. He then joined a group of students having a tour being led by Gwen Stacy. They met Dr. Connors who asked a question about research that he was working on to regrow his lost limb, Peter answered "Cross-Species genetics", which is transferring the genetics of a certain species into another. Peter later sneaked away from the tour to find out more about Oscorp, which led him to a restricted room known as the "Biocable Developement Unit" and he started to make his way out of Oscorp only to bump into Gwen, who suspected him to be snooping in places he didn't belong - which was exactly what he was doing. Taking his badge Gwen walked away just as Peter was bitten by one of the spiders.

Shortly after, Rajit Ratha, a higher ranked employee, told Connors that he would have to speed up the development of the "Lizard Serum" so that it could cure Norman Osborn of his illness and pressured him to make the cure faster. Connors, with Peter's help, made a serum and tested it on the three-legged mouse Fred. Successfully the mouse regrew a fourth leg. Connors found this result outstanding, however when Ratha suggested they start testing the serum on humans Connors refused and as a result was fired. Connors injected himself with the serum and his arm grew but the DNA of the lizard took over causing him to turn in to an enormous humanoid reptile that New York citizens called the "Lizard". He planned to distribute serum city wide by dispersing a cloud of it from the top of the Oscorp tower by using the Genoli Device. He was foiled by Spider-Man and Captain George Stacy.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

To be added


  • The building was to be added to NY's skyline in The Avengers, becoming the first "team-up" between Disney and Sony franchise, but the model wasn't ready in time for being included.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Concept Art

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