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Norman Osborn
Appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Status Deceased
Actor Chris Cooper
"Not everyone has a happy ending."
―Norman Osborn[src]

Norman Osborn is the founder of Oscorp.


The Amazing Spider-Man

"People die, even Norman Osborn."
Dr. Connors to Dr. Ratha[src]

Norman Osborn is referenced numerous times as the founder of Oscorp. Osborn is suffering from some sort of sickness and is dying; the reason why Dr. Connors is developing a new serum is to not just regrow his missing arm, but find a way to save Osborn as well.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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Behind the scenes

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  • There was speculation that the Man in Shadows is actually Norman Osborn. Rhys Ifans later confirmed that the Man in Shadows is not Osborn but someone who works for him.


The Amazing Spider-Man

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