New York Police Department
Members George Stacy
Appeared in Spider-Man
Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 3
Actors James Cromwell
The New York Police Department, often shortened as NYPD, is the police department in New York City.



A cop tried to stop a man stealing money from a fight promoter. Peter Parker let the criminal get away. Some more officers arrived on the crime scene of Ben Parker's murder. After the murder, Peter tried to chase his uncle's killer. He followed some of the police officers' cars. Once the killer found an abandoned warehouse, Peter (as Spider-Man) threatened him noticing that he was the man he let escape with the promoter's money. The killer fell off the highest floor of the building.

Later, some officers found two criminals in on one of Spider-Man's webs. A police officer gave his opinion of Spider-Man saying he's "a freakyloo".

Spider-Man 2

The police continued the search for Spider-Man. A policeman told Peter to move his car or he would tow it, Peter replied with a simple "whatever". After the play, Spider-Man lost his powers and saw that the police were still looking for him so he rushed into an elevator.

When Dr. Octopus robbed the bank, Spider-Man fought him and when the fight went outside, police arrived pointing their guns at Doc Ock telling him to freeze. Doc Ock grabbed Peter Parker's Aunt May and got away with her. Spider-Man saved her and the police tried to stop Doc Ock with gunfire, but he had already escaped.

Police cars arrive at Doc Ock's hideout. They tried to capture Spider-Man with their helicopter but he easily goy away.

Spider-Man 3

The police department was trying to recapture the escaped Flint Marko, who was Uncle Ben's real killer. Marko briefly hid from them when he returned home and changed clothes, reuniting with his wife Emma and daughter Penny. The police found him shortly after and chased him onto a hazardous experiment site, which decomposed his body and turned him into a humanoid sand monster. Using his new powers, Marko robbed a police truck full of money, which he needed to pay for Penny's medical treatments and drowned the officers driving the truck into a pool of sand. He was ambushed by Spider-Man. After a brief fight, he managed to escape while Spider-Man saved the cops by ejecting them from the truck and onto a web before the truck crashed. Captain George Stacy, who gave Spider-Man the key to the city after he rescued his daughter Gwen, was the police chief in charge of catching Flint Marko.

Later, the police watched the battle between Spider-Man and the New Goblin against Sandman and Venom. They surrounded the building before Flint escaped in the wind.

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