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This article or section contains details about a film that either hasn't been released worldwide yet or has only recently been released.
Read on only if you don't mind reading spoilers for the film.

Nemesis (film)
Director: Joe Carnahan
Writer(s): Joe Carnahan
Matthew Carnahan
Expected Release: TBA
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Nemesis is a movie now in development. [1]


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The rights to make a Nemesis film were optioned by 20th Century Fox. Tony Scott was set to direct it before his death, in conjunction with his Scott Free production company.[1] In 2010 it was reported that Joe Carnahan was working on the screenplay for the film. [2] n March 6, 2012, Carnahan was confirmed as the director, and will be writing the script with his brother Matthew Carnahan. [3] In December 2012, Carnahan announced via Twitter that he is indeed working on the screenplay for the film. [4] On October 4, 2013, Deadline reported that Mark Millar has seen the script for Nemesis and has given praise to Joe and Matthew's take on his comic book character, stating the film is going to be "massive".[5]


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