Vials of the Mutant Cure

The Mutant Cure was created by Worthington Labs to reverse mutations, making Mutants become human once more.


X-Men: The Last Stand

It was originally meant to be a purely optional cure for mutants who wanted to become "normal" like humans. However, it was secretly deployed in weapon form by the U.S. government in case dangerous mutants threatened lives. After discovering this, Magneto used this as an excuse to try to destroy the source of the cure. The government then mass produced cure weapons for the military in anticipation of Magneto's attack. Many of these weapons were used during the Battle of Alcatraz Island to great effect before they were destroyed.

Injected Mutants


  • If Wolverine were to take the cure; the loss of his healing factor would mean his death as a result of the adamantium coating his bones. This is alluded to in The Wolverine when Logan states "What I am, what they did to me can't be undone".

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