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Morris Chestnut

Morris Chestnut

Morris Chestnut portrayed Marcus Williams in Kick-Ass 2.

Significant roles

  • Ricky Baker in Boyz n the Hood (1991)
  • Bobby Zachs in Under Siege 2: The Dark Territory (1995)
  • ICU Nurse Frank "Rambo" Bacon in E.R. (2000)
  • Tracy Reynolds in Like Mike (2002)
  • 49er/Donald Robert Johnson in Hald Past Dead (2002)
  • Evan Fields in Breakin' All the Rules (2004)
  • Gordon Mitchell in Anacondas: The Hunt for the Red Orchid (2004)
  • Tommy Drake in Ladder 49 (2004)
  • Travis Sanders in The Game Plan (2007)
  • Dave Johnson in Not Easily Broken (2009)
  • Ryan Nichols in V (2009-2011)


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