Missy Kallenback
Missy Kallenback TAS
Appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man
Status Alive
Actor Hannah Marks
Missy Kallenback was a student at Midtown Science High School who had a crush on Peter Parker.


The Amazing Spider-Man

Missy Kallenback watched as Flash Thompson suspended Gordon and dunked his face in a plate of food. Peter Parker intervened and was beaten by Flash instead, Missy watched in shock and horror as Flash hit Peter.

During a basketball match played by Flash Thompson, Missy stands at the field's side, painting a banner, but Flash starts bullying her by throwing the ball to her head. The first time, Flash misses his target, the second one, the ball is intercepted by Peter Parker, who then challenges the bully and humiliates him showing incredible skills. Missy stares in admiration at her unexpected defender.

Character traits

Missy is an unpopular student, not integrated with other girls. Despite being a social "pariah", Missy has got quite a character and is able to speak directly to a bully like Flash Thompson.



Behind the scenes

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