Mickey Duka
Mickey Duka
Appeared in The Punisher
Actor Eddie Jemison

Mickey Duka was a subordinate of Howard Saint who later becomes an ally of Frank Castle.


The Punisher

Mickey Duka is a subordinate of Howard Saint and a small-time crook on his own. He's also a friend of his boss' younger son, Bobby Saint. He convinces the latter to participate with him to a weapon trade with Otto Krieg, a new merchant. The meeting goes wrong and the police breaks in, and in the following gunfight Bobby is killed and Mickey gets arrested.

After being sent to jail, Duka is immediately freed and taken to Saint's home, where Quentin Glass tortures him in order to punish him for Bobby's death. Believing that the man who inadvertedly led to the death of Bobby, Howard seemingly prepares to kill him, but instead, kills one of his own henchmen since he let Bobby go with Mickey alone when he was supposed to be watching after him. Howard later discovers that, under the identity of Otto Krieger, was hiding the FBI agent Frank Castle.

Some time later after Castle's family has been wiped out, Mickey Duka is kidnaped by The Punisher, who frightens him through torture. Almost immediately, Duka declares that he actually hates the Saints and freely agrees to help the vigilante to kill them all. Mickey starts to manipulate Howard, following Frank's instructions, and manages to convince him that his wife is cheating him with his best friend. When the Saints are killed, Mickey is the only subordinate left alive by The Punisher and heirs Howard's club.



Behind the scenes

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  • Mickey Duka appears to be very similar to another character from the comics, Mickey Fondozzi.