Michael Brandon

Michael Brandon

Michael Brandon portrayed Senator Brandt in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Significant Roles

  • William Bast in James Dean (1976)
  • Dr. Jim Sandman in Promises in the Dark (1979)
  • David Marquette in Navy (1983-1984)
  • Keith Sindell in The Seduction of Gina (1984)
  • Lt. James Dempsey in Dempsey and Makepeace (1985-1986)
  • Tom Lepski in Try This One for Size (1989)
  • Tom Lepski in Passez une bonne nuit (1990)
  • Tom Lepski in Le denier du colt (1990)
  • Tom Lepski in Présumé dangereux (1990)
  • Ted Kramer in Home Fires (1992)
  • D. A. Adam Dawson in Ally McBeal (1998)
  • A. D. A. Adam Dawson in The Practice (1998-1999)
  • Greg Taylor in The Knock (1999)
  • Captain Frank Candy in Jonathan Creek (1999)
  • Frank Scott in Dinotopia (2002-2003)
  • Chuck Newman in Dead Man Weds (2005)
  • Louis Dreyfuss in Metropolitan Police (2007)
  • General Sanchez in Doctor Who (2008)
  • Bill Tucker in After You've Gone (2008)
  • Wilfrid Pelletier in Toscanini in His Own Words (2009)
  • Elliot Salad in Episodes (2012)
  • Mr. Woolworth in Mr. Selfridge (2013)


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