Mexico is a  federal constitutional republic in North America. 


Earth -10005


At some point in the 2010s, the Alkali-Transigen team moved their base of operations from Alkali Lake in Alberta, Canada to Mexico, where they proceeded to create 23 children using genetic samples of mutantsthat they had obtained. The 23rd child, Laura, was created using the genetic DNA samples of "James Howlett" (Logan/Wolverine) and a Mexican woman. It was also where an imperfect clone of Wolverine ("X-24") was created.

Following Charles Xavier's seizure in 2028, which killed many mutants and humans and eliminated most of the X-Men residing at the X-Mansion in Westchester, Logan smuggled Charles to Mexico, where he forced the elderly professor to reside. At some point within the year, Logan also enlisted the aid of another mutant, Caliban, to help him take care of Charles, to the extent where Caliban became Charles' primary caregiver while Logan worked as a lemo driver in Texas in order to make money. Planning to eventually buy a boat and movie him and Charles out onto the ocean where they could live out the rest of their remaing days in peace.


Marvel Cinematic Universe

Earth- 100005

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