Appeared in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
Status Deceased
Actor Christopher Lambert

Methodius is a monk who serves The Devil and he tries to execute Daniel Ketch.


Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Methodius is a monk who is allies with Moreau. Johnny Blaze and Moreau bring Danny and Nadya to the monks to protect Danny from Ray Carrigan, who aims to kidnap him and take him to Roarke. After Johnny leaves, Methodius betrays Moreau, working for Roarke. A group of monks participate in a ceremony to execute Danny. Before Methodius manages to complete the execution, Blackout appears in his shadow. Blackout kills the group of monks, including Methodius.

Character traits

Methodius is the leader of a powerful order of monks: he's a serious man, a devote prayer and a capable leader. He's ruthless and disposed to do anything for the major good, even to kill a child. He's a skilled fighter, a master martial artist and a skilled swordsman. His face tattoo are a magic protection against evil, and they were able to slow Blackout's powers.




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Behind the scenes

  • Christopher Lambert declared he trained three months in fencing for the role of Methodius; despite this, Methodius uses his sword only once, and for not more than a couple of seconds.