Appeared in Blade
Status Deceased
Actor Arly Jover

Mercury was the member of the Turnedbloods race.



She is a member of Deacon Frost's gang who kidnapped humans as slaves and she is also lover to Frost himself and friends with other vampires including Racquel, who she dances with at Frost's club and enjoyed the pain from her victims.

When they learned about Racquel's death by the hands of Blade; a vampire hunter who saved the life of the young man at the club and burned Quinn while also cutting off his hand while Quinn tried to murder Dr. Karen Jensen, Frost and Mercury swore vengeance against Blade especially since he was the son of Vanessa Brooks who is also Frost's other lover.

Mercury and the other vampires took Karen as a hostage to use a bait for Blade, as Blade came to rescue her by fighting off the vampires who were apart of Frost's gang. Karen then tried killing Mercury with a shotgun containing a sliver bullet, but as Mercury was too fast and tried to kill Karen, Karen managed to use the garlic mace given to her earlier by Whistler, she used it by spraying Mercury which led her head to explode killing her in the process.

Character traits

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