Mendel Stromm
Alias(es) Dr. Stromm
Appeared in Spider-Man
Status Deceased
Actor Ron Perkins
Dr. Mendel Stromm was Norman Osborn's friend and colleague.



Mendell Stromm was a brilliant scientist and researcher employed by Oscorp to develop Human Performance Enhancers, although he expressed doubts in the Enhancers' effectiveness because the initial mouse test subjects had begun demonstrating violent insanity. He worked alongside his employer, Norman Osborn, and helped him develop the Goblin Serum.

When the leading council of Oscorp decided to fire Norman and cut down his research, Stromm was asked about the progress of the formula research, and he declared that the serum was in a highly unstable state and that the research would be needed to be started from scratch.

Despite his doubts, he assisted Osborn in his attempt to use the still-unstable serum on himself. After acquiring his strength, Osborn's resulting 'Goblin' personality killed Stromm in an uncontrollable pure rage.

Character traits

Mendel was a brilliant scientist and a geneticist of a genius-level intellect, which was a match to Norman Osborn's. He was a loyal partner and colleague, but a friend before everything, and accepts to interrupt the research for Norman's sake.



  • Raimi series (1 film)


  • In the comics, Mendel Stromm is not a geneticist but an expert of robotics, and, after his death, he's resurrected as the villainous Master of Robots.