Men in Black III is the soundtrack to the film of the same name composed by Danny Elfman.

Track listing

  1. Men In Black 3 Main Titles
  2. Spiky Bulba
  3. The Set-Up
  4. Headquarters
  5. Regret
  6. Wrong
  7. Not Funny
  8. Big Trouble
  9. Out on a Limb
  10. Time Jump
  11. Bad Fortune
  12. Forget Me Nots
  13. Into the Past
  14. Griffin Steps Up
  15. True Story
  16. The Prize-Monocycles
  17. Boris Meets Boris
  18. Under the Bridge
  19. The Mission Begins
  20. Mission Accomplished
  21. A Close One
  22. Men In Black 3 Main Titles Revisited

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