Melvin Potter
Melvin Potter
Appeared in Daredevil
Status Alive
Actor Matt Gerald

Melvin Potter is an armor dealer who was unwillingly designing protective suits for Wilson Fisk and his cohorts in his workshop. He becomes an ally to Daredevil.



"Shadows in the Glass"

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"The Path of the Righteous"

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"Dogs To A Gunfight"

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"Penny and Dime"

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"A Cold Day in Hell's Kitchen"

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Character traits

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  • Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Melvin is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat. He was able to hold his own in a one on one fight with an injured Daredevil and came close to beating him. Also, he was shown to have brute strength similar to Wilson Fisk's, as he would lift Daredevil off the ground effortlessly by the face and then body slam him into the ground.
  • Master Blacksmith: Melvin is highly skilled in designing all kinds of body armor and weaponry. He can build light armor that protects the user without interfering with their mobility and speed.



Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, Melvin Potter is the villain turned hero Gladiator.


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