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This article is about the The Amazing Spider-Man character. For the character from the Raimi series, see May Parker (Raimi series).
May Parker
Aunt May TASM
Alias(es) Aunt May
Appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Status Alive
Actor Sally Field
"Peter, listen to me. Secrets have a cost, they are not for free. not now, not even!"
―May Parker[src]

May Parker or Aunt May is Peter Parker's aunt and Ben Parker's wife.


The Amazing Spider-Man

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2

"Everyone has a part of themselves that they hide, even from the ones they love."
―May Parker [src]

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Behind the scenes

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  • This version of Aunt May is closer to the Ultimate version of the character in the comics rather than the Earth-616 version that inspired Sam Raimi's version.
  • However, this version of Aunt May also has elements of the Earth-616 version in which in later times, she comes to know that Peter is Spider-Man.
  • It isn't made clear at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man whether or not Aunt May figures out that Peter is Spider-Man.


The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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