Matthew Murdock
Alias(es) Matt Murdock
Appeared in The Trial of the Incredible Hulk
Actor Rex Smith
Matthew "Matt" Murdock was a blind lawyer who was inspired by a police officer to take on the persona of Daredevil in order to fight crime.


The Trial of the Incredible Hulk

Trial-incredible-hulk 3

Murdock as Daredevil

Blind defense attorney Matt Murdock was inspiredto become a hero and take on the persona of the blind vigilante Daredevil by a police officer. Later, Murdock was assigned to David Banner's case. David was uncooperative but Murdock had faith that he was innocent and was determined to prove so. After Banner transformed into The Hulk during a nightmare broke free from the prison, Murdock managed to track David down in a seedy part of town. In order to win David's trust, Murdock revealed that his identity as Daredevil and that he needed David's help to take down Wilson Fisk. David was initially suspicious of how a blind man could be a costumed crime fighter, but Murdock showed David how his other senses were heightened to compensate for his blindness. The two eventually formed a mutually dependent friendship and set out to stop Wilson Fisk. Together, Banner and Murdock battle Fisk and clear Banner's name.

Character traits

Matt is strictly faithful to his idea of justice, and he pursues it during day, as a lawyer, as well as during night, as Daredevil. As a Catholic, Matt is often prey of a strong remorse, which he sublimates in his vigilante activity. He's a lady's man and often has occasionally lovers.

Matt is blind, but the radioactive isotopes that burnt his optical nerves sharpened to extreme levels all the other senses. He can "read" a book by touching the ink on the page, he can hear a heartbeat from miles, he can smell anything in miles. He posses a special radar sense, similar to the bats' one, which allows him to locate everything on his path like and better than every seeing person. He's also a skilled martial artist and a great athlete.



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  • Throughout the various Daredevil comics and the film, Daredevil has had many different suits. The original is yellow and black with a large red D in the center. This suit featured a sheath on the right leg to store the cane/staff as well as red eyes. The second suit is similar to the one featured in the film except it has two inter-linking red D's painted on it. The third was created specially for the film. A particular suite is the one design for The Trial of the Incredible Hulk, which is not similar at all at the ones in the comics, having the shape of a black ninja suite with no horns or trademark symbols.
  • In the comics, the accident that gave Matt his powers was where he helped an elderly blind man avoid getting run over by a truck, and that the canister with a radioactive isotope fell out of the truck and hit him.


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