• Review by Idle Handles stating "Assembling a Universe" comes off as a group of fans, now on the inside of a project we are all anticipating, calling us over to say "check this're going to freak". ....and freak you shall."
  • Review by Variety stating "Assembling a Universe” contains a pretty interesting business and creative story. While it might all make sense in hindsight, there was appreciable audacity in Marvel’s plan to release five loosely connected movies from the same hero-filled world, beginning with the cinematically unproven “Iron Man” and culminating with superhero team “The Avengers.”
  • Review by We Got This Covered stating: "At its core, Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe is essentially a big, well-deserved pat on the studio’s own back. So far, they’ve enjoyed an impressive six years, with eight movies that have collectively grossed over $5 billion at the worldwide box office. They don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon, either, as they have at least four more films that are currently in various stages of development."
  • Review by Giant Freak Robot stating: "Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe is a pretty straightforward but entertaining retrospective through Marvel’s phoenix-like ascension over the past few years. Individual segments explore the different movies'.

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