Martin Soap
Alias(es) Detective Soap
Appeared in Punisher: War Zone
Actor Dash Mihok
"Castle's a slippery one."
―Martin Soap[src]

Martin Soap is a police detective for the NYPD and a secret ally of Frank Castle.


Punisher: War Zone

Martin Soap got a degree in behavioural psychology and enter the NYPD as a detective, never managing to obtain the respect of his colleagues because of his clumsiness and, overall, stupidity. Just to take him apart of the on field operations, the Police Department assigned him to the "Punisher Task Force", a joke section composed only by Soap. During his investigations on The Punisher he starts to realize how powerless the system is against criminals and simpatizes with the vigilante's philosophy, opening a collaboration and giving him informations about his targets.

When Castle kills an undercover agent for mistake, Agent Paul Budiansky is assigned to the Punisher Task Force and becomes Soap's partner. Soap shares all the informations he collected about the vigilante with Budiansky, and accompanies him in his first hunt for Castle. When Budiansky actually manages to arrest The Punisher, Soap frees him while Budiansky has entered Angela Donatelli's house for stopping Jigsaw.

He doesn't join the final fight in Jigsaw's base, but helps Budiansky in gaining the help of Jigsaw's enemies. After the battle, he tries to convince The Punisher to abandon his way of vengeance, making a long speech about rehabilitation and mercy, but in that very moment a mugger appears and threatens him with a knife. Soap immediately changes his mind and asks for The Punisher's help, and he intervenes making the mugger his new victim.

Character traits

Soap is a clumsy and overly self-important cop, the target of all his colleagues and an unuseful agent. He started to simpatize with The Punisher's philosophy when he realizes how powerless the system is against criminals and starts to help him in his crusade.

Soap has a degree in behavioral psychology, but doesn't seem to actually know something about people and their relations. He's got absolutely not attitude in on field actions, and he's not even able to properly wield his gun.


Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, Soap only exists for comical reliefs, since he's totally unuseful as a cop just like he's in the movie.

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