Maria Vaselli
Maria Vaselli
Alias(es) Dr. Vaselli
Appeared in Captain America
Status Deceased
Actor Carla Cassola
Dr. Maria Vaselli was an Italian scientist, developer of the Super Soldier Serum.


Captain America

Dr. Maria Vaselli is a brilliant scientist, a genius of her generation, who works directly under Benito Mussolini. Her work was supposed to be used only on animals, but when she realizes that a human being, a boy, is about to be exposed to the fruits of her work, she flees in horror, leaving Fortezza Lorenzo and joining the US Army.

Seven years later the birdth of the Red Skull, in 1943, Dr. Vaselli develops a new version of her formula. This time, it is tested on a volunteer, a sick young man who wants to become a soldier, Steve Rogers. Vaselli thinks that her work with Americans will redeem her for the bad things she's done for Germans and Italians. The new experiment is a success, and Rogers becomes a super soldier without the horrifying side-effects of the Red Skull. When a representant of Roosvelt comes to congratulate her, Dr. Vaselli shakes his hand, but the man, who's in reality a spy of the Axis, shoots her to the chest, fatally wounding her. Her last words, to Rogers, encourages him to defeat the Axis.

Character traits

Maria was a scientific genius, with a brilliant intellect and an incredible memory, which allows her to keep in mind all of her work without taking notes of it.

She was a woman with a tormented conscience, and the things that she's done for the Axis continuously haunt her.



  • Non canon (1 film)

Behind the scenes

  • In the movie there's a continuity error regarding Vaselli: a soldier tells Rogers that she has got a formidable memory, and that to avoid her researches to be stolen by evil people she never wrote a thing, thus making Captain America the one and only super-soldier after her death. Fifty years later, anyway, Rogers and Sharon retrieves Vaselli's "secret diary", a diary that should not have existed for the reasons above. Curiously, Cap knows exactly where the diary is, and he knew even before the conversation with the soldier.