Maria Elizabeth Castle
Maria Castle
Appeared in The Punisher
Actor Samantha Mathis

Maria Elizabeth Castle was the wife of Frank Castle.


The Punisher

Maria Castle is Frank Castle's wife. She awaits for his husband to return while he's on undercover mission. When he comes back, disappointed for the result of the mission (Bobby Saint was killed during the operation), Maria informs him that their son's dog died while he was away and asks him to talk to him. They then prepare to leave for Castle's family reunion in Puerto Rico, after which they're planning to move to London.

Once in Puerto Rico, the three Castles are welcome by the rest of the family. After dinner, Frank and Maria go to the beach, wanting to have a little time for their own. During a walk, Maria informs Frank that she's pregnant, making him happy for the news.

Suddenly, the reunion is interrupted by Howard Saint's men, arrived for taking revenge for Bobby's death. Maria and Will manage to escape on a jeep, but they're quickly reached by John Saint on a truck. Trying to escape out to sea, the two of them are run over by the truck.

Character traits

Maria Castle is a warm-hearted woman, an ideal wife for a man like Frank Castle. She proves to have a great courage, especially in trying to protect her own son's life.



Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, Maria is killed during a gunfight in Central Park, but, of the three movies on The Punisher, her death is portrayed correctly only in Punisher: War Zone, although it's the only film in which she doesn't appear, even in a flashback.

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