Mandarin IIM
Appeared in The Invincible Iron Man
Status Deceased
Actor Fred Tatasciore
The Mandarin was an ancient ruler of a Chinese dynasty whose minions were attempting to resurrect him by collecting five magical rings.


The Invincible Iron Man

During the Lost Age of China, a time of violence and evil, the Mandarin ruled a dynasty predating all others. Fearing the end of his reign, the Mandarin sought to preserve his empire. As his death grew nearer, he completed his temple, carved an army from the earth, and forged a covenant with the deities to attain eternal life. To fulfill this pact, the Mandarin had to sacrifice every living person in his empire. The deities offered him the Five Elementals to aid him in collecting these souls. By the next year, the Mandarin had killed everyone in his empire. The deities presented the Mandarin with five rings that would grant him eternal life and all the power of the underworld when he died.

However, upon the Mandarin's last breath of life, the land poured over his city. The Mandarin and his city would remained buried for three thousand years, with a prophecy the only thing remaining. This prophecy spoke of the day when his temple would rise from the ground and the Elementals would awakening to gather the Bands of the Underworld and resurrect their master, who will be opposed by the "Iron Knight". Although the prophecy only states that the two will fight without revealing who will win. Over time, the only people in China who recognized the truthfulness of this prophecy were the Jade Dragons.

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