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Luke Cage Episode 1.03: Who's Gonna Take the Weight?

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"Who's Gonna Take the Weight?"
Director: Guillermo Navarro
Writer(s): Matt Owens
Series: Luke Cage
Season Number: 1
Episode Number: 3
Original airdate: September 30, 2015
Previous Episode: "Code of the Streets"
Next Episode: "Step in the Arena"

"Who's Gonna Take the Weight?" is the third episode of season one of Luke Cage.


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Continuity and References to the Marvel Cinematic Universe


  • Who's Gonna Take the Weight? is a song of the album Step In the Arena of the hip-pop duo Gang Starr.
  • Bobby Fish no doubt is a play on words. Bobby Fischer was a chess world champion who famously disappeared.
  • The suit tailor, Dapper Dan is also the name of the hair pomade used by Ulysses Everett in O brother Where Art Thou?
  • Product placement: Mr. Stokes drinks VOSS water.
  • This scene where Mystie Blake and Scarfe are talking, Scarfe is agreeing with Luke Cage being a vigilante and he says 'unless this firearm I'm holding turns into a magical hammer, I ain't interested' this has got to be a subtle reference to Donald Blake, the doctor who grabs his walking stick which turns into Mjolnir.
  • The missile used by Cottonmouth in the ending, is the US-made MANPAD FIM-92 Stinger. The warhead is rather small, only 3kgs, and should not cause that amount of damage. Also, Cottonmouth failed to extend the sights, so the missile had nothing locked on - not that it mattered in the scene.


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